John Terry’s Mom – Sue Terry Controversy

John Terry

John Terry’s Mom – Sue Terry Controversy

John Terry’s mom is Sue Terry and his dad will be Ted Terry. John Terry mom, Sue Terry was born in 1955. John Terry mom and dad live next to their son, John Terry in the upper part of Surrey in England. John Terry mom and dad have been very supportive of his dream to be a professional football player since small.

John Terry mom got into trouble in June 2017 when a prostitute’s pornography video got leaked. In that video, the prostitute Lisa was performing sexual acts and John Terry mom was mistaken to be the prostitute Lisa. As soon as the news broke out, John Terry mom came forward to the media to clear doubts and clarify that the prostitute that was seen performing sexual acts in the video was not her.

A strong proof and evidence are that John Terry mom was having her vacation and holiday in Portugal when the video was leaked. John Terry’s dad, Ted Terry also received an 8-months suspended sentence along with 80 hours of community service as Ted Terry was caught red-handed trying to process a cocaine deal inside the toilet of a pub in Barking, London.

John Terry is an English football player who played almost his entire career for the premier league giant club, Chelsea Football club. John Terry mom has been very supportive of his football career since small. He has retired from the world of football late in 2017. John Terry briefly played a few games for Aston Villa before he starts to commit a coaching career at the club in May 2018 as an assistant coach.

In his football career, John Terry has played for the position center back for almost his entire career. He is well-known for his fierce, aggressive and smart defensive plays along with his good leadership. Throughout his whole career in the world of football, John Terry has scored a total of 41 goals and for that, he is Chelsea football club’s highest scoring defender of all time.

Besides that, he was also the most successful captain for Chelsea football club in the club’s history by leading the team to an insanely amazing 5 Barclays Premier League championship titles. In a total, he has won 5 Barclays Premier League cups, 1 UEFA Europa League cup, 3 League Cups and also lastly a whopping UEFA Champions League title with Chelsea Football club.





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